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BDSM Writers is dedicated to providing you with information about authors writing in the Dominance and submission genre; whether it’s romance, paranormal, or non-fiction.

Each week we’ll provide you with blog interviews or articles, and LIVE Chats to help you discover more about Dominance and submission and appease your curiosity. If you have a favorite author you’d like us to interview, let us know or have them contact us so we can add them to our lists. We’ll also provide you with information about major BDSM conferences or important workshops and lectures we think you’ll enjoy.

BDSM Writers is your one-stop shopping for books on BDSM whether you enjoy romances, paranormal, LGBTQ, or non-fiction.  We will provide you with the latest releases as we learn them from the authors themselves. Use our site directory to look up your favorite author or genre.

Unlike other sites, we will not rate the author’s books on their content nor popularity; that’s your job.  We will however provide you with information about the author’s dedication to their craft.

If you are an author, editor, publisher, or book reviewer and would like to advertise your services, upcoming books or events, please contact us directly.

Any questions or comments about how to improve our site or authors you’d like to see on it, please let us know.

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  1. Oops…that’s “good” links, not food links! I think that’s another kind of site! *blushing profusely*

    1. chuckles…yep that’s another site. Pleased to have you among our visitors. Feel free to visit our authors’ pages and share the site with others. Even invite your favorite BDSM authors.

  2. What an excellent site! I will definitely be spending some time here, scoping out all the food links and info!

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