Advertise with us!

Advertise with us!

We are dedicated to authors of BDSM–Dominance and submission; Light, Advanced, or Dark Erotica; as well as fiction and non-fiction. We offer FREE and paid advertising opportunities. Find the service that works best for you, then apply below.  For FREE ads send completed information as requested below to:


Author’s Page
* Includes a blog interview (4-5 questions)
* up to three book covers on your page
* your press picture (or logo)
* your bio of 100 – 150 words
* author’s contact information (FB, Twitter, website)
* links to your book sales through Amazon; provide ASIN # or ISBN #


Upgrade to Paid Advertising Starting at $25 

(a)  Upgrade to a Paid author’s page for only $25
Upgrade includes everything in the FREE Page, plus…
* one book cover in our side bar for 60-days
* update your author’s page with new releases & interviews
* receive an additional book covers for only $15 each
* upload a book trailer
* publicize upcoming events where you’ll be participating
* if there’s something else you want, let us know and we’ll consider it; we’re here to help you promote yourself and your amazing books

(b)  SUPER BONUS Header Advertising  for only $75
* Includes everything in our UPGRADE package, plus…
* a personal header with your books and name for our website
* your personal header will be  displayed for 60 days in our rotating system
* need help creating a header ad, we’ll help with that too at no additional charge.
* advertise for two cycles (120-days) and receive an additional 120-days FREE!  Limited Time Offer!


Advertise your Services

If you are an editor, publisher, cover designer or provide any author services such as eBook formatting or publicity, feel free to contact us for a 250 x 250 size ad on our side bar or footer. We’ll post your ad for only $50

Contact us below to get started with your FREE author’s page or one of our premium services today!

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