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Diane Leyne, BDSM Writers, Kink, fetishes, Doctor Charley FerrerDiane Leyne has been writing BDSM romance for some time and we wanted to ask a few questions of her. We’re you’re you’ll have your own.


How did you start writing? 
I’ve always been an avid reader and the advent of the eReader has just fed on my addiction. Like many readers, I always wanted to try my hand at Diane Leyne 1 Dom Switch Subwriting, but the idea of plotting a 70-80,000 word book was intimidating, especially with my demanding day job.  When I realized that ePublishers accepted 20,000 word books, I finally gave it a try, and 20+ books later, I’m still writing.

Why BDSM books?  That’s hard to say.  Something about the books I read featuring BDSM just called to me. I love the interaction and the communication and the trust it required. And BDSM ménages are really hot.

What do you like to do besides write?  I love travel.  I’ve visited over 20 countries including Egypt, Kenya and Thailand.  My absolute favourite holiday was the two weeks I spent in Northern Thailand as a Volunteer Elephant Helper and Elephant Nature Park.  I also enjoy photography and have even had a photo used by MTV.

WhatDiane Leyne, BDSM Writers, kink, BDSM romance ‘s coming up? 
I have two series with 5 books each (Satisfaction Texas and Libertine Island) and I’m working on the idea for a cross over.  Hopefully I’ll finish it in June and you’ll be able to pick it by in August or September.


Diane Leyne was born in a small town in Nova Scotia and grew up in Toronto where she still lives. She loves travel (visited 20 countries and counting) and photography. She likes writing books with the kind of strong heroines she likes reading about. She currently have four series as Diane Leyne (three BDSM:  Club Libertine, Libertine Island and Satisfaction Texas and one paranormal:  Call of the Wolf) and one as Daisy Philips: Dave & Lida. 

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