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Alex Tempera

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Here are a few questions we had for Alex Tempera



What got you interested in writing BDSM?
I like writing a variety of genres to challenge myself.  I was inspired by the work of author Caethes Faron. She does not write BDSM but her work inspired me to attempt to write erotica. The minute I decided to try that, I knew I should involve BDSM as a sub-genre. It just seemed to fit the story I wanted to write.

What research have you done in regards to learning about BDSM and the lifestyle?
My friend, whom I have known for over 18 years, is a Dom and engaged to his submissive. I always knew about his lifestyle, which for years he kept hidden from most people, but always talked to it about me because he knew I would never judge him. I jetted him an email and asked if he would mind answering some questions. I told him what I wanted to do and he answered everything and gave me more information, such as websites like social media sites for those involved in the lifestyle. (not sure if I should list the site or not, but it’s fetlife.com)

Do you only write BDSM stories or have you ventured into other Alex Tempera, BDSM Writers, bondage, bdsm romance, kink, fetishesfacets of erotica and romance?
I have written three books (2 of them not yet published) that have to do with BDSM and the lifestyle. I have also written a m/m erotica romance that does not have any BDSM within the storyline.

Do you think there is a difference between a BDSM romance versus a regular romance?
I think there are differences in the way the romance versus erotica stories are told because of how much detail and the language used, especially when describing sexual situations. In BDSM, it is not always about sex and romance, but the bond between the dominant and submissive. In my book, “Waiting for Superman”, the bond between the main character, Kylie (who was a submissive) and her late-husband, Ian, who was also her Master is still strong. The bonds and power between the two can be very strong if it’s there. If there is no sense of bond, the D/s relationship will not work.

Any current projects or series in connection with released books? Waiting for Superman does have a sequel, but it is too early to release it. Waiting for Superman does NOT have a cliffhanger ending. The sequel picks up a year later and it’s called “club Olympus”.

Do you have any personal experience in the lifestyle?
In doing my research, I found a deeper interest into the lifestyle and Alex Tempera, BDSM Writers, bondage, power exchange, master slave, fetishesnow, I do have my own submissive.

Alex Tempera is the alter ego of author Amy Shannon. In the quest for a new genre, Amy transformed into Alex to create a new depth of erotica and romance novels. The beauty of a well written erotica novel is that is contains a thoughtful and romantic storyline as well as beautifully written intimate scenes. Alex’s research into erotica genres, BDSM play and the lifestyle will continue to enter into her stories. Alex’s stories do not just revolve around romance sex, but there is always some form of conflict that allows the lovers to realize that they are meant for each other.
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