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B.B. Blaque


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nominee, erotic author B.B. Blaque as she discusses writing, romance and BDSM

What prompted you to write B.D.S.M. romance versus other genres?

I’ve written all sorts of things over the years. Most have tended toward the psychological aspect of something. I also used to own a website that chronicled my life as a 24/7 slave and was geared toward helping other submissives and slaves find their way on the path to surrender.

While reading Fifty Shades I was challenged by a friend to write it differently. I know the story is of one particular type of journey, but I felt it bastardized (like many in the community) the life I’ve come to love. This is when I detoured into writing fiction. My love for the journey and how mine has helped me grow gives me the passion to write other possible options.B.B. Blaque

What differences or difficulties do you see in writing D/s compared to another type of romance?
I’m only beginning to take my main character into the vanilla world—a place she’s never been—to learn the power of choice. I’m actually a bit nervous (happily) about this part—but am looking forward to connecting to her emotions and thoughts.  Thankfully my Master presented a song to help me see things more clearly.

I will be comparing the sameness and the differences between the two choices—so I’ll have to update this when I delve deeper.

What do you find most inspirational when writing?
Hands down the answer to this is music! When I’ve gotten stuck—it’s been due to lack of musical inspiration. Conversely—music will open my eyes and the flood gates of creativity. Music is also responsible for drawing my attention toward other characters who are begging to be written. Their soundtrack is most prevalent in my life and difficult to avoid with any real success. Soon they’ll have my undivided attention and I can’t wait!

BB_Blaque_booktrailer2Just about any music can stir something, but the most common is some genre of rock. I go for lyrical content and rhythm. I love southern rock and classic rock—it gives me the raw, gritty and sweaty back drop for my upcoming release “The Masters M.C.” (BDSM, M.C. Romance.)

I also like glam rock, funk, disco and for some strange reason….I want to see what Bread and 70’s Gold style music could call forth.

How do you feel about the heroes you write?
I fall in love with each of them and have a little separation anxiety when I have to walk away (vowing to give a few spin-offs because I enjoyed them so much!)

I write dominant men I can be passionate about–who can consume me. Each is different with his own style and method to inspire and extract her submission.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I also really like these men. I won’t write a dominant without self-control above everything else, he may have issues because he is human, but he will prevail in self discipline. They have integrity of mind and spirit and I try to make sure to bring that across. Even the most strict, or deeply alpha dominant will have a good heart. (I look forward to balancing this tightrope with the M.C. Romance. Colt & Kash will be undeniably alpha but solid men and worthy Masters.)

Are you anything like the characters you write?
Yes—to an extent. The female characters are all submissive and slaves (ultimately.) They’re all a bit rougher around the edges—tougher than I’ve ever been—which is fun to explore. There’s some of me in each of them but they’re who they are and as the stories unfold they tell me which way to take them. I’ve changed entire directions of things to make them more true to the characters’ souls and what I feel from them.

BB_Blaque_Eternally_1A personal note from B.B.:
I’ve been a life-style slave for many years and most likely submissive, in some way, for the majority of my life.

I write about transformation and the life journeys of my characters. These metamorphoses occur through love and surrender. The surrender can come from submission or from surrendering to the true self—learning to embrace one’s own personal journey (whatever it may be.)

I love BDSM (Male dominant/female submissive.) I find it fulfilling and sexy when a man wears the pants in a relationship. It’s afforded me the ability to tap into my girly side and bask in that freedom.

I’m even more interested in the psychological aspects of relationships in general and especially when there’s a power-exchange dynamic.

With this in mind I do my best to write stories with many layers and subtleties and paint from palettes I’ve seen in real world M/s relationships (including my own.)  www.bbblaque.com

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